Nuclear Power: The company actively expand nuclear power ventilation system application domain, and has become one of the six companies in domestic fan industry that get design and manufacturing license certificate issued by State Bureau of Nuclear Safety.Through cooperation with universities and research institutes, The company has developed series of nuclear grade ventilation productions, and these productions have the same good characteristics such as anti-seismic, sealing, corrosion resistance, strong ability to resist radiation etc,and can be running continuously for more than three months,completely adapting to high standard of the third generation nuclear power domain for ventilation equipment of nuclear grade. Products were evaluated in 2011 and 2012 national key new product and the 2012 national torch plan project, and successfully applied to the zhejiang sanmen and shandong haiyang nuclear power AP1000 nuclear power plants, established the leading position in ventilation and air condition field of the third generation nuclear power.

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